Finders Keepers

Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do we need to reserve a property?

  • It depends, but as far in advance as possible. Some properties are available at 3 months' notice, but most student accommodation in Oxford is reserved in January for the next academic year starting in the following September.

Do we rent for a fixed term?

  • Yes. Tenancy agreements always specify the rental term. The average period is a 12-month tenancy.

Can I rent for 3 months?

  • Yes, we have a variety of Short Lets.

What does furnished or unfurnished mean?

  • 'Furnished' generally means that the home has furniture but does not have bedding or kitchen equipment such as plates and cutlery.
  • However, in some cases a 'furnished' home will have bedding and kitchen equipment. Please ask our letting teams to clarify for any homes you are interested in.
  • 'Unfurnished' means that you need to supply all furniture and kitchen equipment.

Are pets allowed?

  • Although the British tend to be animal lovers, many landlords are not comfortable with pets. Pets are only allowed if specifically agreed in advance.

Can I hire a maid? Can you supply a gardener?

  • Yes. Please ask for advice and suggestions.

What about repairs? For example, what if the central heating breaks down?

  • The owner is responsible for all internal and external repairs. The tenant only pays if the breakdown or repair is due to negligence or misuse (eg a burn mark on a carpet; smashed wine glasses).

Why don't you put 'Average utility' costs for each property?

  • For the simple reason that an 'average' cost would by definition mean - with all things being equal - that 50% of tenants would be using more than the average cost and so we would be misleading people. We advise looking at the Energy Performance Certificate to get a sense of how economic the home will be to run.

What about emergencies?

  • In the majority of cases where we are the managing agents, we are on 24-hour call.
  • For personal emergencies such as Fire or Accident, dial 999.