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Portfolio Management Case Studies

Project to completion

Bishops Gate, in Oxford city centre, was originally built in the late 1920s as a furniture depository. Finders Keepers Portfolio Management, in collaboration with an international firm of chartered surveyors, acquired the building on behalf of an Oxford College.

It was then converted through one main contractor into 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, each with its own parking space.

This is Finders Keepers Portfolio at its best: linking an investor to a highly lettable scheme; coordinating everything from start to finish; moulding plans to suit the local market; and delivering impressive returns for very little involvement or hassle for the client concerned.

The value of experience

We were contacted by a prominent local independent retailer who has a mixed residential portfolio within Oxford and its suburbs.

Their properties were already being managed by another agent, but the client felt it was time for a change. After an initial meeting with the Finders Keepers Portfolio Management team, it was clear that there was an opportunity to make huge improvements in returns from their extensive portfolio.

We presented the client with a detailed three-year plan, including costs and timescales, for transforming their properties.

The move to Finders Keepers for their property management has been a huge success. In the first 2 years the client enjoyed an enormous 27% increase in rental incomes by the virtue of simple recommendations and improvements from Finders Keepers.

All this has been achieved with a very modest 2% increase in Agent's Fees.

Top fund flourishes

We were approached by an offshore investment fund looking to secure a long-term residential investment in North Oxford. They were keen to establish a diversified portfolio and were initially planning to invest between £4m and £7m.

After receiving the brief, we quickly identified several exciting development opportunities through our links to local agents and developers. We then arranged a 'tour' for the client's fund managers, backed up with full supporting documentation, yield calculations and due diligence reports.

We successfully acquired a number of properties ranging from new-build apartments to prime North Oxford family homes. Each was either purchased off-market or had been quickly identified as a potential acquisition.

Once this first stage was successfully let, and an income stream established, our client happily instructed up to prepare a second round of acquisitions.

For stage two we identified an exciting large development site close to the new Oxford Parkway train station, comprising a mix of apartments and houses, before a single brick had even been laid in the ground. We undertook the negotiations with the owner/developer and agreed terms.

Due to the great success of the fund's Oxford residential investments - both in terms of yield and capital grown - we are anticipating instructions to grow the portfolio yet further.