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Why switch?
Landlords often select agents because they were enticed by a deal, or were perhaps referred by a friend or colleague. However, you may now find that the relationship just isn't working for you, and may be unsure if it's possible to move to another agent. The short answer is: yes, you can.

If you have started to feel that things aren't going as well as they once did with your current letting agent there are signs to look out for and, if you're experiencing these on a regular basis, it's probably time to switch to an agent who is a better fit for you.

  • Poor communication: When you stop receiving timely responses it could just be a busy period, or it could be a warning sign. If you find that you are having to call repeatedly before getting a satisfactory response, or that you speak to someone different each time and you then have to start from the beginning then it's time to move to another agent. You should look to work with an agency where you have one point of contact who looks after your property or properties and who provides you with regular updates.
  • Hands-off property management: Many agents claim to offer property management when in fact what they are providing is reactive maintenance. Do they carry out inspections themselves, and then provide you with a report detailing short-, medium-, and long-term plans to maximise the yield of your property? Do they offer a 24/7 emergency line which is managed by the property managers themselves (and not outsourced to a call centre in the evenings)? Or do they wait for the tenant to report a fault and then book in the repair?
  • High staff turnover: If you find yourself talking to a new staff member every time you call, it might suggest that any expertise and experience is leaving the company. You should aim to work with an agency that has long-serving team members as they are more likely to understand your property and its history and will also have the experience to deal with anything that may come up in the course of letting it out.
  • Poor rent collection: Dealing with rent arrears is one of the most common problems faced by landlords. Your agent should have processes on how to deal with late or unpaid rent to ensure the matter doesn't escalate. You should ask them how they have managed rent arrears during the pandemic; did they negotiate deferred payments to ensure rent was paid in full? What percentage of their landlords have been paid on time recently and over the last 18 months or so?

How to switch?
All it takes is one phone call. We will put together a bespoke proposal to suit your specific situation and that is designed to make your life easy. There are ways to end your current agent partnership amicably, and this will allow you to find a better fit and move forward to successfully let your property.

When can I switch?
You may think that you can only switch when your property is empty, but we can help at any time. Whether your tenant has just moved in or is about to move out, we can help you switch now.

Having an excellent relationship with a trusted letting agent is key to feeling confident that they are properly managing your property and keeping you compliant. Our team is made up of letting and property management specialists who understand you, your property and who want to help you succeed.

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