Finders Keepers

Shared Letting & HMO Specialists

With the introduction of more and more purpose-built university accommodation and increasing legislation within the private rental sector, successful landlords need the right advice and guidance.

FKSL is our shared letting specialist in Oxford. With more than 45 years letting experience in the city and an in-depth knowledge of the city council's specific requirements for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), we can advise you as a landlord of a property that is suitable for sharing tenants.

Honesty & Integrity
You may think that these attributes are rare in the property business, but they are a fundamental part of FK Shared Letting. We seek long-term success rather than short-term gains and provide honest and realistic advice that is based on market reality.

We provide property valuations aimed at letting it promptly and to the best tenants rather than inflating the rent quote just to win business. The latter approach often leaves the property empty, losing landlords money.

Maximising income
Maximum rental income is created by consistently well-let properties with no void periods. Our expertise is in knowing the 'biting point', where price meets demand. As mentioned, over-quoting can leave the property empty, but under-quoting can decrease the income. We have the experience to advise what is appropriate in the current market.

The results:

  • FKSL properties see only 10 day voids per annum
  • 90% of our portfolio is reserved with agreements signed by February
  • We achieve consistently higher rents

In-house Property Management
We believe proper, proactive property management is important for long-term success. Properties which have been well managed and are in good condition attract the best tenants (generally paying better rents) and it keeps tenants happy as well as maintaining the standard of your asset.

We are sensitive to the fact that for many of our student tenants, this may be their first time living away from home. We have developed new standards of property management and are acknowledged as the best in the market.

Good Tenants
First-class accommodation attracts the type of tenant that looks after the property. Adding guarantors to tenancy agreements adds further security.