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Are All Property Agents The Same?

When comparing letting agents you cannot rely on price alone. On the surface it may appear that most agents are the same, offering the same tenant-only or fully managed services. However they are not always delivered to the same standard and therefore a comparison based on fees is not always a wise assessment.

Hands-on Specialists
Many estate agencies also offer a letting service on the side. At Finders Keepers we are letting specialists and have been " in Oxfordshire " since 1972. Today we are still local, still expert and still doing property properly.

Our Property Managers are based across our eight offices, each working locally to the properties they manage. This means that they get to know the properties they look after, carrying out the inspections themselves as well as the check-ins and check-outs. We find this approach is more effective than centralised call-centre management where tenants will report issues to someone who has never seen your property.

Our Letting Specialists are also based in each of our offices across Oxfordshire. Their focus is on letting, not distracted by sales, and by not operating a commission-based system the team is motivated to match the right tenant with the right property. Pairing with one Property Manager, they work in a team to manage a portfolio of properties, meaning landlords have one point of contact who knows their property and their tenancy.

Whether you are a professional landlord with multiple properties, a smaller landlord with one investment, or an 'accidental' landlord the same rules and regulations apply. Legislation can be complex and time consuming and although agents can help to organise necessary checks, the landlord remains ultimately responsible. It is therefore vital that you work with an agent that will ensure your property is compliant.

As surprising as it seems, anyone can set up a letting business, but working with a qualified agent can provide peace of mind and adds a layer of trust. We are committed to excellence, putting 93% of our team through the Level 3 and Level 4 ARLA Propertymark Qualifications (Technical Award in Residential Letting and Property Management). On top of this, a third of our team has more than 10 years' service with Finders Keepers and our average length of service sits at 8.3 years. This thorough legal knowledge and vast experience helps our people to deal with complex situations and benefits our clients.

Deciding who should look after your asset should not be based on the lowest price, but their level of professionalism and expertise. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for" and the trouble with cheap fees is that you often only find out you've made a mistake when something goes wrong.

Our quality service combines nearly 50 years of local experience, continuous learning and operating with a 'best practice' approach to create a service that helps landlords to be successful now and into the future, whatever their goals may be. Our team is made up of real people who understand you, your property and want to help you succeed.

Finders Keepers. Property. Properly.

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