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How to navigate the buy-to-let maze

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Why is investing in property better than saving in the bank?

If you are disappointed with the interest you are not earning on your savings, you could make your money work harder for you by investing in property.

Rental yields remain robust in Oxfordshire with typical returns around 5% - outperforming interest rates offered by banks. But the prospect of investing in property may feel overwhelming (taxation, inheritance planning, legislation and so on). It all needs to be considered objectively since this will likely not be a property for you to live in. To succeed, the investment property must appeal to the target market so it will let easily and consistently.

Fortunately, this is where our Inspired Sales & Acquisitions service excels. Finders Keepers started as a property search service in 1972 and over the years we have bought hundreds of homes. Today our service remains unique: we are the only search and acquisition service in Oxfordshire whose advice is backed by decades of letting and management expertise.

What does Inspired Investment do?

Our skill is in providing guidance on what and where to buy. We do not just trawl the property portals. We are in touch with developers, agents and vendors directly. The majority of property we acquire has been purchased off-plan or before it hits the market.

Property investment should be a minimum 5-10 year project, but whenever you decide that it's time to sell, our team of investment advisors can also help (even if you are not currently a Finders Keepers client). We are very experienced in selling on investment homes; acquiring a 'going concern' is a neat and simple way of hitting the ground running - instant tenant and immediate income. Call us or email now for details if you are thinking of disposing of your investment property ( or 01865 302314).

Who do we help?

We help all types of clients - from the complete novice to experienced investors looking to expand their portfolio Why? - well for a number of reasons:

  • Retirement planning
  • Business investing
  • Inheritance
  • Helping children/grandchildren on to the property ladder
  • Pension for those with the benefit of tied accommodation

No matter why you are investing, we can help you to generate income - how?

The 360° Service

We can acquire, refurbish, let and manage your property and bring to life your desire to invest successfully in residential property. We will ensure a strategy for a diverse range of investments to limit the risk of voids and ensure the purchase appeals to the right target market.

Recent success

We approached a developer who was building in the centre of Wantage town centre. A small mixed site, ideal for investment, of six houses and four apartments. We were working with several investors who were looking to purchase as part of an inheritance planning strategy. We acquired all of the apartments which will appeal to tenants working in the growing South Oxfordshire scientific and technical region, so-called 'Science Vale'.

All the apartments offered a +5% yield - competitively priced and making a good entry level for investors. Each apartment let very quickly, with the tenants moving in within a matter of weeks.

If you are wondering whether this is the 'right time' for you to invest then please come and have an informal chat with our team of advisors. or 01865 302314