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Inspired Sales

We have been selling properties off-market to investors for many years. Our sales team has gone from strength to strength and is now growing fast. Below are a few reasons why Finders Keepers Inspired Sales & Acquisitions is well placed to sell your property:

Clients. We have an extensive database of clients that are looking to expand their portfolios further. It makes sense that they would purchase a property that is a proven rental success. The landlord selling earns rental income until the day of completion, and the investor from the day of purchase.
Knowledge. We know the property. We have a history of the property, we understand what makes your property special, and we also have all the information needed to sell it.
Speed. We can get the property on the market with the click of a button. No need to waste time getting professional photos and a floor plan done, we have them already.
Easy access. We have all the access details for the tenants, we already hold keys and the tenants trust us.
Reputation. Our reputation stands before us. We are renowned for lettings but we are also well regarded in acquisition sales, purchasing a number of large scale developments as well as smaller acquisitions over the years.
360° service. Our Decorum Interiors and Bricks & Mortar departments are able to provide refurbishment and furnishing advice and complete any necessary work, all under the Finders Keepers umbrella.
Exposure. We are local experts. As well as our vast network of contacts and current clients we are able to market properties for sale on Rightmove enabling us to access each corner of the market and providing as much exposure as possible.

If you are interested in Inspired Sales please contact:

Maxine Allington - 01865 302314