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Landlord Furniture Packages to Buy

We are part of Finders Keepers which lets over 2500 homes a year in and around Oxfordshire. This gives us access to direct feedback from tenants about which furnishings they love in rental properties and what they find most useful.

We use this knowledge to create furniture packs for rental properties specifically designed to attract & suit your target market.

We also take the hassle out of furnishing your rental property - you won't need to search the internet for the best deals or for retailers that have everything in stock, and you won't need to wait in for deliveries or waste precious time and effort on the physical installation - we can do all of that for you and coordinate all the necessary trades.

The result: maximum rents, minimal voids and strong interior design on a sensible budget.

Example costs

One bedroom properties from £4,000 - click here for further details
Two bedroom properties from £5,500 - click here for further details
Three bedroom properties from £7,000 - click here for further details

Prices shown are for Decorum's "Dressed" Packages - the entry level of furnishing designed to dress each room adequately on a budget.

"Desired" and "Deluxe" Packages are also available at an additional cost should you require more comprehensive furnishing with a greater emphasis on design & luxury.

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