Finders Keepers

Our company values

Our values

Our culture is defined by our core values which echo what we look for in our staff. They lie at the heart of everything we do. It's the reason for our sustained success. Our working environments are friendly, professional, and hard-working but fun too.


  • A blend of intelligence, drive and a passion for everything we do
  • Thirst for updating knowledge and experience to enable us to advise all ranges of clients
  • Authority on subject matter - master of bigger issues and detail


  • Pro-active, lateral thinking with entrepreneurial flair
  • Pre-empt problems before they happen
  • Forward thinking and fast to respond


  • Ethical behaviour to build long term relationships
  • High standards day-in, day-out - caring about doing a good job
  • Technically accurate with respect for detail

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Please email Maryse Davies with your CV and details of the roles you are interested in