Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers: an award-winning letting agent, Oxfordshire

Good feedback is good to hear.

We work hard. Customers' needs change by the hour. Our offices are busy. The risk is falling into tunnel vision.

So entering into industry awards schemes is a way of lifting our head up and seeing the world in slightly wider perspective. They give us objective feedback and push us to keep evolving.

And, yes, it feels great to become an award-winning letting agent, although we realise that our customers care more about good service and results than about any industry recognition we gain.

Best Estate Agent Guide 2019
"We are so pleased to have been recognised in the Best Estate Agent Guide.We are constantly seeking new ways to improve services to our landlords, tenants and our team so this accolade is very encouraging." Managing Director, Paul Rushworth

Best Companies 2016
"People matter in this business. Skills matter, experience matters and, most importantly, attitude matters. That is why we are delighted to be awarded One Star in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For survey." HR Director, Maryse Davies

Best Companies 2015
"Do unhappy staff deliver good service? No, and that is why 'employee engagement' is critical to our success. We are delighted to be assessed as a 1 Star Best Company to Work For and we are focused on delivering the unique Finders Keepers blend of professionalism and results that our customers expect."
Former Managing Director, Dan Channer

South East Lettings Agency of the Year 2014
"Finders Keepers offer an end-to-end service with impressive end of tenancy turnarounds and extremely low void periods. The directors at Finders Keepers believe that their business is not about low fees but providing good service through excellent and diligent staff. Their retention rates, managed occupancy percentage and arrears rates are all proof that this approach works. Well done."
Judges' Report

Property Management Lettings Agency of the Year 2014
"Finders Keepers has impressive knowledge and is extremely passionate about the industry as a whole. Processes are subject to tight controls however the team is given autonomy and freedom to make decisions. Extremely low dispute rates, 99% rent collection and an occupancy rate of 99.2% proves they are doing a great job."
Judges' Report

Student Lettings Agency of the Year 2014
"The team is very communicative and whilst they recognise the importance of engaging with the students, they also understand the importance of building strong relationships with parents. From the outset they manage the process to reassure all parties and to ensure everyone is aware of their obligations with regard to the legalities of lettings, as often it is the parents and students' first experience of renting."
Judges' Report

Best Companies 2014
We believe that people matter in this business. Skills matter, experience matters and, most importantly, attitude matters. That is why we are delighted to be a 'One to Watch 2014' in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For survey.

"Letting agents tend to obsess about marketing and touting and pricing," says Dan Channer, Managing Director, "But ultimately, in a service business your people are your competitive advantage. We are pleased with the Best Companies results and they give us clear direction on how we can continue to improve."

Lettings Agency of the Year 2012
"Finders Keepers prides itself on its staff's extensive knowledge of the market, which is why the firm invests heavily in staff training, and why each staff member has a bespoke annual training plan. The judges agreed that this agency's vast range of services, incredible attention to detail and exceptional customer service make it the clear overall winner of the 2012 Lettings Agency of the Year Awards" - Judges' Report

Medium Lettings Agency of the Year 2012
"Judges praised its decision to have its 24/7 emergency service manned by its own staff, rather than outsourcing them, to help deal with issues in a timely manner. Robust systems mean that just 0.15% of tenancies currently end up in deposit dispute and 99.27% of rents are collected and paid on time. No job is too great for this agency, which is a clear winner of yet another award category at this year's awards." - Judges' Report

Central Lettings Agency of the Year 2012
"The panel loved the fact that staff aren't paid commission, so the focus of the agency is all about getting the right quality business...The agency's retention rates for managed properties is 91.3%, with its managed occupancy rate 99.98% in February, so its numbers speak volumes about the quality of the firm's service standards. Its technology is also head and shoulders above the rest...Above all, judges praised the firm's 'paranoid and efficient processes', which ensure that the agency operates in a fully-compliant manner, operated by highly-proficient staff." - Judges' Report

Property Management Lettings Agency of the Year 2012
"This Oxford-based lettings agency is in a league of its own when its comes to property management. It clearly goes above and beyond as a lettings specialist, managing all aspects of its service in-house to maintain exceptionally high levels of customer service...Attention to detail can be found in every aspect of this agency's business model, with free tenancy check-ins and check-out services available for tenants and highly-detailed property inspections, described by judges as more like mini-inventories, undertaken for every property managed...and the numbers speak for themselves: the agency's deposit dispute rate is 0.15%." - Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2011 - Innovation
"Finders Keepers implemented a truly innovative and new idea with spectacular results' they recognised the importance of school location in the decision making process of renting families. With this in mind the team plotted the precise catchment areas of all state and fee paying schools in their areas of operation. This information was then added as a search option to their website. Feedback from existing tenants is positive." - Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2011 - Student Lettings
"This agency really knows its market. The marketing is just brilliant and 100% geared towards the target market of students whilst reflecting an awareness of the importance parents play in influencing potential rental properties. There was clear evidence of the strong relationship this agency has with local colleges and universities. Bearing in mind the online capabilities and preferences of their tenants, Finders Keepers has developed excellent online systems for fault reporting, emergencies and useful information. The number of students who continue to let through this agency after completing their studies is indicative of an excellent offering." - Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2011 - Technology & Online
"The judges felt Finders Keepers must have an ideas factory in one of their branches from which they dream up and deploy new technological solutions for problems which firms five times their size haven't yet appreciated exist.It has introduced 80 new pieces of functionality on its website over the past 12 months and over 1,000 FAQs can be accessed in 10 languages." - Judges' Report

National Training Awards South East Winner 2010
"The Judges considered this to be a very interesting entry and were impressed at the on-site visit that this initiative has demonstrated some really impressive impact. The Judges deemed this entry to be outstanding within the region. From the entry stage to the judging, this entry showed excellent quality in training and the award is well deserved." - Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2010 - Medium Lettings Agency
"Offering a vast range of services, Finders Keepers truly is a 'one stop shop' for lettings services, all of which are of an exceptional standard. Well respected in the local area, they are strongly committed to helping local causes both in terms of fundraising and hands on involvement. A fantastic all round agency who work to their strengths." Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2010 - Property Management
"Finders Keepers demonstrate an attention to detail which enables them to work with high quality tenants and landlords. Clients are assured they can reach a representative of Finders Keepers at all times (including midnight on New Year's Eve)....The detail on the check-out notes was impressive and clients are allocated a designated property manager enabling all involved to build a strong relationship and enjoy exemplary communication."
" Judges' Report

The Negotiator Awards 2009 - Employer of the Year
"Judges referred to the submission as 'tremendous', with one claiming to be able to vision themselves working at the firm because of its focus on staff support. The firm's emphasis on teamwork was also praised." Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2009 - Best UK Lettings
"The sheer volume of ideas and innovations demonstrated and actioned by every member of the team shows a quality, well run firm offering a fantastic service to landlords, tenants and their team." Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2009 - Medium Lettings
"Their attention to detail means they attract high quality tenants which makes the whole lettings process easier and in turn leads to satisfied landlords. Their vast experience coupled with investment in their team, comprehensive training programme and authoritative market reports has led to a well deserved gold medal." Judges' Report

Lettings Agency of the Year 2009 - Training and Development
"This company has stuck firm to their strong belief in individual training and development with a lot of effort put in to bespoke training plans designed in response to feedback from staff. A first time entrant, Finders Keepers really impressed the judges." Judges' Report