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Some examples:

Intelligent debate on understanding rental business - Oxford Times, September 2019

Agency signs up as OX5 Run's 'biggest ever team' after vote - Oxford Mail, February 2019

Heavy Vetting - The Times, November 2018

Taxing Times for Tenants - The Sunday Times, August 2018

The reasons why the market peaks at certain points - Oxford Times, July 2018

Put down roots at heart of the city and enjoy its buzz - Oxford Times, June 2018

Pair of rentals in Jericho which are ideals for families options that offer you the best of Oxford Living - Oxford Times, May 2018

Two options that offer you the best of Oxford Living - Oxford Times, May 2018

Rental home has got incredible green credentials - Oxford Times, April 2018

Lots of space and not too far from all the city action - Oxford Times, January 2018

Two penthouse apartments with the 'wow' factor - Oxford Times, January 2018

Apartments with balconies offer a view on life below - Oxford Times, November 2017

Good choice of thatched homes - Oxford Times, November 2017

Presentation of property is key in a slower market - Oxford Times, October 2017

Stately grounds of Blenheim Palace for a back garden - Oxford Times, October 2017

Plenty of rooms with a view for £3,995 a month - Oxford Times, September 2017

For rent: a country home for the summer - The Times, Bricks & Mortar, June 2017

Oxford versus Cambridge - The Times, Bricks & Mortar, March 2017

These countryside homes will put a spring in your step - Oxford Times February 2017

Victorian cottage with a big garden - Oxford Times, February 2017

Converted stable block is home to stylish apartment - Oxford Times, September 2016

Family homes for a shorter commute - Oxford Times, September 2016

Flats to rent right in the city centre - Oxford Times, September 2016

Family home with its own mooring - Oxford Times, August 2016

Period properties which both boast colourful histories - Oxford Times, August 2016

Two five-bedroom homes on market available to rent - Oxford Times, July 2016

Enjoy good life in cottages for rent near village pubs - Oxford Times, July 2016

Opportunity to live in Old Gaol apartments - Oxford Times, June 2016

Tax reforms have put our retirement at risk - The Sunday Times, June 2016

Vaulted ceilings and striking views - that's a barn life - Oxford Times, June 2016

Riverside homes snapped up fast in rental market - Oxford Times May 2016

New builds in the area offer buy-to-let opportunities - Oxford Times May 2016

Gorgeous gardens are the focus point of stunning homes - Oxford Times May 2016

Apartments with views across the river available to rent - Oxford Times March 2016

Landlords and lettings exhibition - Oxford Times March 2016

Enjoy a quiet life in the countryside - Oxford Times February 2016

Cosy cottages are perfect for life in the countryside - Oxford Times February 2016

The best of both worlds: why we let out our London flats to rent in Oxford - Evening Standard November 2015

Agents receive CV for dog by couple looking for rental - Oxford Times, November 2015

Quirky two-bed house is ideal as secluded retreat - Oxford Times, November 2015

Properties near to new station see popularity boost -Oxford Times, November 2015

Families think of moving to avoid rush-hour queues - Oxford Times, September 2015

Smart apartments offer more than a touch of luxury - Oxford Times, September 2015

Similar houses in different locations appeal to families - Oxford Times, August 2015

Quality four-bed family homes are difficult to find - Oxford Times, August 2015

How studios became one-man mansions - The Times, August 2015

Walking to support the fight against heart disease - Banbury Guardian, August 2015

Luxury flats are more in demand than ever before - Oxford Times July 2015

These properties offer a taste of life by the waterside - Oxford Times, June 2015

All aboard for the magical tour of buy-to-lets - The Sunday Times, May 2015

The race is on to rent stylish homes near mill streams - Oxford Times, April 2015

West Oxfordshire is where the best deals are found - Oxford Times, March 2015

Growing numbers attracted to rental homes in Oxfordshire - Prime Location

Try before you buy - The Telegraph Property, February 2015

How to be a lovely landlord - The Daily Telegraph, February 2015

A fresh start for the garden city dream - The Sunday Telegraph, February 2015

The great family debate - The Sunday Telegraph, January 2015

Hotspots that buck the downward trend - The Times Bricks & Mortar, November 2014

20 ways to become a property millionaire - The Telegraph, November 2014

Retirement Special - The Telegraph, November 2014

Farmhouses can bring the benefits of the countryside - Oxford Times, October 2014

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, August 2014

Terraced houses with easy access to the city centre - Oxford Times, August 2014

Houses should suit golf-loving tenants to a tee - Oxford Times, August 2014

'Secret' upward spiral is among home's delights - Oxford Times, July 2014

Raise a glass to the high life in an old brewery - Oxford Times, June 2014

Ask the Experts - Sunday Times, June 2014

Rental Britain - Sunday Times, May 2014

Ask the Experts - Sunday Times, May 2014

The Cotswold Commute - Financial Times, April 2014

Pensioners catch the bus to invest in buy-to-let properties - Sunday Times Money, April 2014

Oxford the least affordable city to live in as houses sell for 11 times local salaries - The Guardian, March 2014

Holy trinity of property fit for family tenants - Oxford Times, March 2014

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, February 2014

New strategies for investing in the landlord business - The Times Bricks & Mortar, January 2014

Landlords hit by postcode restrictions - Sunday Times, December 2013

Better by Degrees - The Sunday Times, December 2013

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, November 2013

The Inexorable Rise of the First Time Landlord - Telegraph, October 2013

Geography Lessons - Sunday Times, September 2013

An offer the country can't refuse - Daily Telegraph, September 2013

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, August 2013

Look outside the capital for a clever investment - Telegraph Property, August 2013

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, July 2013

No Traffic Noise - Sunday Times, July 2013

A fashionable choice - Financial Times, June 2013

Protection needed from rogue agents - Financial Times, May 2013

We're all landlords now - Sunday Times, May 2013

Student lets: high returns and low risk? - The Telegraph, April 2013

Renters should love becoming village people - Oxford Times, March 2013

Moving fast is the key to a good deal - Daily Telegraph, March 2013

Sample that Lord of the Manor feeling - Bicester Advertiser, January 2013

2013 : The year of the first time buyer? - Zoopla blog, January 2013

Country life at its finest found in these home - Oxford Times, January 2013

Life Under Licence - Oxford Mail, January 2013

Honouring the best of the bunch - The Telegraph, January 2013

What's in store for the property market in 2013? - The Telegraph, January 2013

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, January 2013

Banks and mortar - how will Mark Carney spend his '£250,000 allowance? - Prime Location Blog, December 2012

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, November 2012

Oxford. A happier place to rent? - Oxford Times, October 2012

Family homes in a desirable part of North Oxford - Oxford Times, October 2012

Enjoy a taste of village life in north of county - Oxford Times, October 2012

Find the key to a new way of life - The Sunday Telegraph, September 2012

Homes with room for children - The Telegraph, September 2012

Renting with Character - Country Life, September 2012

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, July 2012

Try before you buy - Sunday Times, July 2012

House Prices Rising - Oxford Mail, July 2012

A dubious list to be leading - Oxford Times, May 2012

Mills for sale - The Sunday Telegraph, May 2012

Through the keyhole - The Negotiator, April 2012

Helping tenants carve out that idyllic rural life - Oxford Times, April 2012

Family home in perfect school catchment area - Oxford Times, April 2012

The tenants who are not trapped - The Times Bricks & Mortar, March 2012

A worthwhile investment - Cotswold Life, March 2012

The key to rural living is to offer the best of both - Oxford Times, March 2012

Buy to let is back in business - Sunday Times, February 2012

Compromise is not necessary - Oxford Times, February 2012

Young visionaries - Waitrose Weekend, February 2012

10 tips for first-time landlords - The Times Bricks & Mortar, February 2012

There's little to stop them - Oxford Mail, February 2012

Change will make tenants homeless - Oxford Mail, January 2012

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, January 2012

Need some cash? Try building a flat - The Times Bricks & Mortar, January 2012

Digital technology taking some of the legwork out of house-hunting - The Telegraph Property, November 2011

Ask the Experts - Sunday Times, October 2011

Lord it over Blair - Sunday Times, October 2011

The gap year for grown-ups - The Times Bricks & Mortar, September 2011

Eight in to one won't go - Sunday Times, August 2011

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, August 2011

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, August 2011

Property Investors warned of multiple tenant rules - Financial Times, July 2011

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, June 2011

Finding new angles - Agreement (official magazine of ARLA), May/June 2011

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, April 2011

Next to PM's office for '£795 a month - Witney Gazette, March 2011

Tenants' extra - Sunday Times, March 2011

Political move - live next to PM - Sunday Times, March 2011

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, March 2011

My little midlife adventure - Sunday Times, February 2011

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, January 2011

A scholarly approach to letting - Sunday Express, December 2010

Great house - what's the catch? - Sunday Times, November 2010

Two properties offering delights of urban living - Oxford Times, November 2012

What's a stopcock? - Sunday Times, September 2010

Content to rent - Sunday Times, August 2010

Political move. Party pad for rent - Sunday Times, August 2010

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, July 2010

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, June 2010

The tax with an ever-changing face - Financial Times, June 2010

Ask the experts - Sunday Times, May 2010

A lettings lottery - Daily Mail, May 2010

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