Finders Keepers

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand our responsibility to give back to society by being environmentally friendly, being present in the community and supporting charities where possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about having a conscience and considering our impact on issues ranging from the environment to the more vulnerable people in our communities.

Finders Keepers understands the duty to look after ourselves, each other, our environment and the planet. We have long stated that our business success is down to our people and our success in achieving our CSR goals will be, in part, down to our fantastic team as well. We are encouraging this responsible behaviour in all of our people.

We have a CSR team, which has brought together our Green Committee and Charity team under one umbrella. Emma Croft-Pearson, Associate Director, who heads up the CSR team, says, "We want to encourage the good feelings that we gain from helping others by giving a little bit of our time back to those that are less fortunate than us. I encourage everyone to do something, be kind to others in your community, whether that is by fundraising for a charity, volunteering time to a vulnerable person or making 'green' changes to your kind to yourself, other people and the planet!"

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